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25 Random Facts About Me

So I thought it would be fun do a random facts post. I love reading these and I had a great time writing them down. For those of you that know me, you might already know some of these, and some you might not. So I hope you enjoy these 25 random facts.

  1. I love cucumber tomato salad in the summer
  2. I have three siblings, and I’m number 2 (stuck between the boys)
  3. I eat peanut butter all the time, but my favorite is almond butter
  4. When I was little I was afraid of automatic flushing toilets
  5. My favorite vegetable is celery
  6. I love Italy
  7. I have caught the “travel bug” somethin’ fierce
  8. I’m  Irish, Italian, and German
  9. I love to be outside and go hiking
  10. I love to dress up and be girly
  11. Home schooled
  12. I’m a Harry Potter FANATIC
  13. I love to read
  14. I think tea is awesome
  15. I’ll watch any kind of movie, horror, comedy, chick flick, action, and musicals
  16. Learning to speak Italian
  17. If I could have a pet dolphin I would
  18. I love Lord of The Rings, and The Hobbit
  19. If I could go back in time to anyone in concert it would either be The Beatles or The Beach Boys
  20. Huge NCIS fan (team McGee, oh yeah!)
  21. I love my whole entire family sooooo much, and I love being with all of them
  22. I’m a country girl that also loves the city
  23. I play piano and sing
  24. I do dance, gymnastics, and karate
  25. I’m a nerd, and I love it
  26. And this is an extra. I love this picture of my Grandparents! IMG_0480

A Day In Asheville

So this past Tuesday I spent the day in Asheville.

My parents had some things they needed to do and I needed a pair of shoes for prom so it was a win win!

I was so excited that we got to go into down town Asheville. And I was really happy that I got a few pictures.




We then had to take my prom dress to a fabric store because its missing something to lace it up in the back.

Next came lunch at Earth Fare! I had vegetable lasagna, broccoli and cheese casserole, mashed potatoes, and a salad. Little portions of each, but boy did it fill me up!

Then came the shoe shopping! We found the perfect pair of shoes to go will my dress.

So over all it was a great day!

Prom Dress False Alarm

So I posted a few days ago that I was going to prom and I put up a picture of my dress.

Well, a few things have changed.

I’m still going to prom, but I have changed the dress! I actually had four to chose from.

The dress I chose is just beautiful. Its dusty rose and gold.

I’m not posting any pictures of this dress until the actual day of prom.

Now, I don’t like to leave a post without a picture. So here is a picture of my sweet (most of the time) kitty. I find her in some of the strangest places!



17th Birthday!!

So today is my birthday and it has been wonderful!

I woke up to a beautiful rose at my table setting this morning! I absolutely love roses.


Their are a few things happening today that I will save for the next few posts!

And I really want to say “thank you” to every one that wished me a happy birthday! I love you all dearly!

OOTD Finally Wearing Sandals

The weather is so, so pretty that I had to wear sandals!

I really like this outfit, especially the colors that I put together. And mostly because, more than half of this outfit is American Eagle and I love them!

My shirt and pants are both from American Eagle. And my belt is from Wal-Mart.

My shirt and pants are both from American Eagle. And my belt is from Wal-Mart.

My shoes are Faded Glory

My shoes are Faded Glory

I’m Going to Prom

So this past weekend I got asked to prom! I’m so excited! My Mom, Grandma, Little Sister and I went shopping. I tried on about 5 dresses until I found one.

Its black and I will have turquoise jewelry as the accents and maybe something in my hair. So here are a few pictures of just the dress because I don’t have the whole outfit yet. I’m missing the shoes! And shoes are very important!

I’m still not sure what I will do with my hair.

I will put up some pictures when I have the whole outfit together! But for now, here is the dress!





Tybee Island Georgia, 2011 Trip

Hey everybody, today’s post is going to be about travel (yay!). I’m so excited to be putting a post in my travel section, as you may or may not know traveling is my dream.

I thought it would be fun to start with my family’s amazing trip to Tybee Island, Georgia 2 years ago. This little island is wonderful. The whole island is 2.7 square miles, like I said before it’s a “little island”. But the size is part of what makes Tybee so great.

We rented bikes and road around the island in the afternoon. There is a designated bike rout and it was just wonderful.

Almost every day we would go down to the beach around 4:00. Tybee has a really great beach. We just happened to be there during spring break and it was not overly crowded. Sure there was a good amount of people there but it wasn’t overwhelming.


The little sister!

The little sister!



Little surfer girl!

Little surfer girl!



There is also a great pier. And we got see a man catch a horse-shoe crab. He showed it to everyone and let it go back in the water.

In the mornings my Dad and I would get up early and go for walks on the beach and down the pier. That was one of my favorite things to do while we were there. Here are some beautiful pictures we took of the pier.





Another great thing about Tybee is that  its only 20 minutes from Savannah! Although we never actually went into Savannah (we only drove through it) it’s a great place and there are tons of thing to do there.

On one of the days we went to Fort Pulaski. It’s one the best forts I’ve ever been to. You can take a guided tour or you can take yourself on a tour. We did the guided tour and it was really good. You can learn some pretty neat stuff with a guided tour.  And we just happened to be there on the anniversary of Fort Pulaski. There were people dressed up as confederate soldiers and we got to watch them fire muskets and canons.




Me and the little brother!

Me and the little brother!

There were alligators living in the moat!

There were alligators living in the moat!





Another great thing on Tybee is the Tybee Island Lighthouse. There are 174 steps and you get a great reward at the top!





You also get to tour the house were the keeper of the lighthouse and his family lived. I wish I had some pictures of it.

Our Grandparents came up from Florida to spend the weekend with us!





Overall we had a great time at Tybee and I can’t wait to go back!

A Walk With My Boys

So it’s 68 degrees outside and what does that mean? It means a wonderful walk with my little brothers. Yes one of them is a dog, but dogs are people too.

I love to walk and I love to spend time with my boys!

I took some pictures while we were out and every time I stopped to take a picture River would ask “are you taking another picture”? So here are some of the pictures I took! I hope you enjoy them.

The daffodils that survived the cold are staring to open!

The daffodils that survived the cold are staring to open!

Me and the boys

Me and the boys


A boy and his dog

A boy and his dog

Every time we pass this River says "Look! We made it to California"

Every time we pass this River says “Look! We made it to California”