Monthly Archives: February 2014

Playing in the snow!!!!

The past few days have been quite exciting for us. We got about 6.5 to 7 inches of snow! Which is a pretty good amount for where I live. So of course we had to go out and play. Here are some pictures of us just being goof balls in the snow!

We did go for a walk around the neighborhood and I took some pictures so I’ll have those up soon!

IMG_3525 IMG_3528 IMG_3529 IMG_3534 IMG_3536 IMG_3540 IMG_35443583_803737099643445_1657516610_n 1656415_803737052976783_609385314_n 1724475_803737189643436_688967240_n 1798119_803737689643386_168398420_n 1896754_803737152976773_1201069910_n 1898085_803737122976776_610819091_n 1904131_803737596310062_1294913225_n And now I’m ready for spring and summer!