Bleaching Jean Shorts

So I finally got around to bleaching a pair of shorts! It was a lot of fun so I thought I would put up a tutorial.





I made these shorts from a pair that I got at goodwill. You can see how I did itĀ  here

So the first thing you need is a tub or something you can soak the shorts in. I used a plastic drawer.

Next mix 2 gallons of water and 3 cups of bleach. You need something you can stir this will.

So this is right after they went in



At this point they’ve been in for 2 hours


As you can see they are lighter but not white. So I turned them over for about at an hour and then I turned them right side up again for another hour or so.

So this after about 4.5 hours


So after 4.5 hours I decided to take them out. Depending on how dark your denim is you might need to leave them in longer. But don’t leave them in for a really long amount of timeĀ  because the bleach will just wear down the fabric.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



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