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Deep Creek 2013

We finally made it to Deep Creek this year! And it was a wonderful day. The weather was perfect and the water just as cold as always. But that’s part of the experience, right?

Deep Creek is in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Bryson City, North Carolina. You can rent tubes for the day ride down as much as you want. The top section has a lot of rapids and some tiny water falls. The lower section is a bit more of a calmer ride with just a few rapids.

We got there at about 11am had some lunch and then hit the water at about 12.

We had a fantastic day, and here are the pictures to prove it!

IMG_1924 IMG_1925 IMG_1927 IMG_1928 IMG_1930 IMG_1933 IMG_1934 IMG_1937 IMG_1938 IMG_1947 IMG_1951 IMG_1967 IMG_1969 IMG_1970 IMG_1971After our tubing we went for a short hike to see Juney Whank Falls. It was a fun little adventure!


IMG_1982 IMG_1983 IMG_1984 IMG_1987 IMG_1989 IMG_1990 IMG_1991 IMG_1993




Nantahala Lake 2013

The day that we’ve been waiting for all summer was absolutely amazing! We have had some crazy weather this summer. Rain, rain, rain and more rain so this day was canceled about 4 time. But in the end it turned out to be the perfect day! Like it was being saved just for us. When we first got there it was in the low 70’s so I was kinda of worried that the water would be to cold. But the temperature warmed up a little bit and the water felt really nice!

IMG_1899Here are a few fun facts for you: It’s in the Nantahala National Forest and at 3,000 feet elevation.

In 1942 Nantahala Power created the lake to help give electricity to the war effort.

We got there at about 11am, and sat and talked with our friends for a little bit and then had some lunch on their deck. But the first thing the younger siblings did was go a stick their feet in the water. Here is a sneaky little picture I took of them.

IMG_1881After lunch we went out on the boat for some tubing! We’ve been going out here for about 10 years and this was the best tubing yet! And here’s some proof.

IMG_1902 IMG_1905  IMG_1920It was a great way to kind of “end” summer seeing as school starts tomorrow. But, we do have a few more water activities still yet to come!


We’re in the Nutcracker!

So last week we finished up two weeks of dance intensive and Nutcracker auditions. We had so much fun! And this past Monday the cast list was put up. River and Sky are dolls and they get to do a dance together, River is also in the fight scene. Sky and I are snow flurries and we’re in the waltz of the flowers, and……I’m a demi-soloist in the waltz of the flowers!

So when I first found out I was a demi-soloist I was like “Awesome! But what the heck is a demi-soloist?” So when you have no idea what something is what do you do? You Google it.
So after googleing it we found out it means that I get to have some special parts within the dance! I’m super excited! Plus, a good friend of mine is also a demi-soloist in that dance so that makes it even better.

And now I really want December to be here 🙂

Scratch that last post and getting back to blogging

Hi! Long time no see. I haven’t blogged since July 20th, that will be a month tomorrow. That’s a long time. But, I’m back now! Yay! I will be blogging as often as possible about who knows what.

So if you read my last post it was about my youtube channel. Well, if you read the title of this post you will notice I’m telling you to “scratch that last post”. Yes that’s right their is no more youtube channel, well it’s still there but I’m not putting any videos up. It just got to be to much and I didn’t have the time to put into my videos so they weren’t as good I wanted them to be. I may or may not get back to it someday. We’ll just have to see.

I’m so excited to start blogging again! I hope everyone had a great Monday 🙂



I have a Youtube Channel

So a few weeks back I started my Youtube Channel! I have 4 videos up, and 4 subscribers. I’m going to make beauty/fashion/hair/lifestyle videos. But I think its manly going to be fashion. I’m having a blast doing it and I cant wait to make more videos!

My channel is called FashionTalkTime. Here’s the link

Prom 2013

So I’m finally posting about prom. Which was back in April. Yes, yes, I know, just a tad bit late! Anyway, better late than never. Right?

So my prom was on April 27th 2013. And I had a blast! It was so much fun.

I was so excited to go. Manly because being home schooled I thought I would never go to prom. So this was a big deal for me!

So what was next? Dress shopping of course! I really, really loved my dress. A friend actually found it for me!

Again I had a great time and I’m so thankful that I got to go! Here are some pictures.

IMG_3348-email IMG_3351-email IMG_3358-email



Dance Recital This Weekend

So this weekend is our dance recital! We’re so excited! This part of the year is kind of hard because  you’re ready for dance to be over so that you have more time, but, at the same time you don’t want it to be over. Still, I can’t wait for this weekend!

So this is my 5th year, and River and Sky’s 4th. What? How did this happen? I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 5 years! But I have loved every second of it.

This year I have 4 dances, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and a little part in Boys Hip Hop. I’m also helping with Tap&Jazz II and I’m performing in there jazz dance.

Sky and River each have 6 dances, 2 Tap dances, 2 Jazz dances, Hip Hop, and Boys Hip Hop. OMG!!

The rest of this week is going to be crazy so I don’t think I will be putting up another post until next week. I hope every ones week is great and ta ta for now 🙂

Starting My Garden

So I’m posting this really late but I still wanted to write about it.

About a month ago I started my garden. First I planted all of my seeds in a seed starter just to get them started.


So this how my plants lived for a couple of weeks.

And here’s what I planted











Everything is doing great but I think my spinach died. Anyway, soon I will do an update on my garden!

Finally Back!

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be doing my blog again! It’s been about a month now since I last posted. And it was do to some “technical difficulties”. I put that in quotes because we went to fix the “technical difficulties” and turns out, there were no technical difficulties, I just wasn’t doing something right!

So in the time that I’ve been gone some pretty awesome things have happened.

1. I went to prom

2. We had our gymnastics exhibition

3. We had one of our dance recitals

4. I went to the carnival for the first time

5. Went on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I will be doing posts on all of these things.

Currently we are getting ready for our second dance recital. Last week was our last week of classes and this week is rehearsals, and then the show! I’ve had such and amazing time this year, and I’m going to miss my dance family so much over the summer!

As for right now I’m so happy it’s summer, which means…WATER ACTIVITIES! They just finished re-doing our public pool so I cant wait to go there! And there are TONS of other water activities I cant wait to do!

And I FINALLY got my National Geographic Traveler Magazine! I’m so excited and I’m having blast reading them!

So to end this post I wanted to share this quote with you. “~Don’t over think, just let it go~” – Unknown. This quote speaks to me a lot because I tend to over think stuff!