DIY Cut Off Shorts

So today I was in a crafty mood and I made some cut off shorts out of some bermuda shorts from goodwill. They were only $3.50 so it didn’t really matter if I totally messed them up or not! But I didn’t mess up, so that made me happy.

So here is a tutorial on how to make them.

Things you will need:

A pair of scissors

A pair of pants/long shorts to cut off

A pencil

So now that you know what you need lets get started.

This is what the shorts looked like before


So the first thing you do is try them and look in the mirror to get and idea about where you want to cut.

Take your pencil and mark the length you want your shorts to be. Then cut about 2″ below that line so that you have a little wiggle room. You can always take away more but you can never put it back.

So once you have that line it should look something like this


Next cut along that line and try to make both legs as even as possible. But if their a little off that’s okay, you can always even them up.

Next try them on again and see how the length looks. Keep cutting little by little until you have your desired length. Once you’re satisfied with the length your done!

This is what my shorts looked like when I was done


If your shorts have a lot of white threads in them you can pull on those and make them frayed if you like.

So I’m really happy with the way these shorts turned out and I hope you liked this tutorial!



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