Dyeing Jean Shorts

So the other day I did a post on how to bleach shorts. Today I’m doing a tutorial on how to dye them. I had a great time doing this and I just love how they turned out!

All you need is a pair of rubber gloves, a tub, some Rit dye, and something to mix it up with.

You wanna start with some white or bleached shorts. You can see my tutorial on bleaching here.

First thing you do is fill your tub with 3 gallons of HOT water, and hot as you can get.

Then add about half your bottle of Rit and stir it around then place your shorts in the water.



It’s recommended on the Rit dye bottle that you use the whole thing when dying light things but my shorts came out plenty bright with just half a bottle. You can always add more later if you want.

So once you have the shorts in the dye set a timer for 30 minutes and move the shorts around constantly.


Just know that they will look darker when they’re wet. So dye them darker then you want them to be and then when you rinse them and dry them they will be about the color you wanted.

If your 30 minutes are up and you still want your shorts darker leave them in for another 20 minutes constantly moving them.

Once you are happy with your shorts empty your dye and rinse the shorts with warm water gradually getting cooler and cooler until the water running from your shorts is clear.

Next put them in the washing machine all by them self and run a light cycle with a light detergent, more of the dye will get rinsed out. Then throw them in drier and you’re done!

This is my shorts after I rinsed them


And this is the finished product. Before and After

shorts before after

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Click here for my tutorial on how to cut shorts.




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