Finally Back!

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be doing my blog again! It’s been about a month now since I last posted. And it was do to some “technical difficulties”. I put that in quotes because we went to fix the “technical difficulties” and turns out, there were no technical difficulties, I just wasn’t doing something right!

So in the time that I’ve been gone some pretty awesome things have happened.

1. I went to prom

2. We had our gymnastics exhibition

3. We had one of our dance recitals

4. I went to the carnival for the first time

5. Went on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I will be doing posts on all of these things.

Currently we are getting ready for our second dance recital. Last week was our last week of classes and this week is rehearsals, and then the show! I’ve had such and amazing time this year, and I’m going to miss my dance family so much over the summer!

As for right now I’m so happy it’s summer, which means…WATER ACTIVITIES! They just finished re-doing our public pool so I cant wait to go there! And there are TONS of other water activities I cant wait to do!

And I FINALLY got my National Geographic Traveler Magazine! I’m so excited and I’m having blast reading them!

So to end this post I wanted to share this quote with you. “~Don’t over think, just let it go~” – Unknown. This quote speaks to me a lot because I tend to over think stuff!



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