Holla for 2014!

So it’s 2014! Crazy huh? But I’m so ready for it. 2013 was a tough year and I’m glad that it’s over. But my high light from 2013 was being in the Nutcracker! It was an amazing experience and we worked so hard on it. People thought it was phenomenal! I also made some great relationships and memories that I’ll have forever!

But I’m so excited for 2014! Some awesome things are gonna happen this year. To name a few: I’m turning 18 in 95 days!! I’ll be getting my drivers license, We’ll be moving to a new house (which I’m super excited for), I’ll be getting a job to start saving money. I have a feeling 2014 will be an amazing year!

Those are just a few of things I will be doing this year. And I’ll be writing post on all of those! One of my goals for this year is to post on the blog 3x a week.

I rang in the new year by going free running with my brothers and some of our friends. It was a wonderful day! But cold. Not super cold it was like 40-45 degrees. But my toes were frozen, frozen I say. I came home and the first thing I did was heat up my leopard print, fuzzy, lavender scented booties that you put in the microwave. They felt so good!

All my activities start again on Monday and it’s back to life. It was nice to have a break but I’m ready to get back to things!





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