I’m running a 5k..but not just any 5k

It’s the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fun Run/Walk!! It’s a virtual 5k. Which means you can run it on your own, or you can walk it. You could also do it on the treadmill or a the elliptical. Where ever you want.

I’m going to run it. We’ve mapped out a path through town that is 5k.

I’m super excited! I’m a major Doctor Who fan so this is perfect for me. And it will be my first 5k!

You get this super cool medal with the Tardis on it, a t-shirt that says “Companion in Training” and a number you can pin to your shirt if you want. You don’t have to log a time or anything. You just sign up and that’s it.

With all the things I’m seeing for the 50th Anniversary I’m going to explode with excitement!! BOOM!!! That was me exploding 🙂

I’m so excited for them to bring back the past doctors (especially David Tennet hehe) but I heard that Matt Smith is going to be wearing a wig. I feel like that going to be kind of weird. I’m mean we all know how amazing his hair was and it just wont be the same. But he’s still amazing!

And Rose. omg! I can’t wait to see if they show us what happened Rose and the mortal Doctor after the Immortal Doctor left! And who was crying at that part? *raises hand

So as you can tell their is a lot of excitement in me right now! I can’t wait to get my medal and t-shirt!

Oh and can November 23rd please come faster?!



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