Nantahala Lake 2013

The day that we’ve been waiting for all summer was absolutely amazing! We have had some crazy weather this summer. Rain, rain, rain and more rain so this day was canceled about 4 time. But in the end it turned out to be the perfect day! Like it was being saved just for us. When we first got there it was in the low 70’s so I was kinda of worried that the water would be to cold. But the temperature warmed up a little bit and the water felt really nice!

IMG_1899Here are a few fun facts for you: It’s in the Nantahala National Forest and at 3,000 feet elevation.

In 1942 Nantahala Power created the lake to help give electricity to the war effort.

We got there at about 11am, and sat and talked with our friends for a little bit and then had some lunch on their deck. But the first thing the younger siblings did was go a stick their feet in the water. Here is a sneaky little picture I took of them.

IMG_1881After lunch we went out on the boat for some tubing! We’ve been going out here for about 10 years and this was the best tubing yet! And here’s some proof.

IMG_1902 IMG_1905  IMG_1920It was a great way to kind of “end” summer seeing as school starts tomorrow. But, we do have a few more water activities still yet to come!


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