Scratch that last post and getting back to blogging

Hi! Long time no see. I haven’t blogged since July 20th, that will be a month tomorrow. That’s a long time. But, I’m back now! Yay! I will be blogging as often as possible about who knows what.

So if you read my last post it was about my youtube channel. Well, if you read the title of this post you will notice I’m telling you to “scratch that last post”. Yes that’s right their is no more youtube channel, well it’s still there but I’m not putting any videos up. It just got to be to much and I didn’t have the time to put into my videos so they weren’t as good I wanted them to be. I may or may not get back to it someday. We’ll just have to see.

I’m so excited to start blogging again! I hope everyone had a great Monday 🙂



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