Tybee Island Georgia, 2011 Trip

Hey everybody, today’s post is going to be about travel (yay!). I’m so excited to be putting a post in my travel section, as you may or may not know traveling is my dream.

I thought it would be fun to start with my family’s amazing trip to Tybee Island, Georgia 2 years ago. This little island is wonderful. The whole island is 2.7 square miles, like I said before it’s a “little island”. But the size is part of what makes Tybee so great.

We rented bikes and road around the island in the afternoon. There is a designated bike rout and it was just wonderful.

Almost every day we would go down to the beach around 4:00. Tybee has a really great beach. We just happened to be there during spring break and it was not overly crowded. Sure there was a good amount of people there but it wasn’t overwhelming.


The little sister!

The little sister!



Little surfer girl!

Little surfer girl!



There is also a great pier. And we got see a man catch a horse-shoe crab. He showed it to everyone and let it go back in the water.

In the mornings my Dad and I would get up early and go for walks on the beach and down the pier. That was one of my favorite things to do while we were there. Here are some beautiful pictures we took of the pier.





Another great thing about Tybee is that  its only 20 minutes from Savannah! Although we never actually went into Savannah (we only drove through it) it’s a great place and there are tons of thing to do there.

On one of the days we went to Fort Pulaski. It’s one the best forts I’ve ever been to. You can take a guided tour or you can take yourself on a tour. We did the guided tour and it was really good. You can learn some pretty neat stuff with a guided tour.  And we just happened to be there on the anniversary of Fort Pulaski. There were people dressed up as confederate soldiers and we got to watch them fire muskets and canons.




Me and the little brother!

Me and the little brother!

There were alligators living in the moat!

There were alligators living in the moat!





Another great thing on Tybee is the Tybee Island Lighthouse. There are 174 steps and you get a great reward at the top!





You also get to tour the house were the keeper of the lighthouse and his family lived. I wish I had some pictures of it.

Our Grandparents came up from Florida to spend the weekend with us!





Overall we had a great time at Tybee and I can’t wait to go back!

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