We’re in the Nutcracker!

So last week we finished up two weeks of dance intensive and Nutcracker auditions. We had so much fun! And this past Monday the cast list was put up. River and Sky are dolls and they get to do a dance together, River is also in the fight scene. Sky and I are snow flurries and we’re in the waltz of the flowers, and……I’m a demi-soloist in the waltz of the flowers!

So when I first found out I was a demi-soloist I was like “Awesome! But what the heck is a demi-soloist?” So when you have no idea what something is what do you do? You Google it.
So after googleing it we found out it means that I get to have some special parts within the dance! I’m super excited! Plus, a good friend of mine is also a demi-soloist in that dance so that makes it even better.

And now I really want December to be here 🙂

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